Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hobby Lobby Soft Secret Yarn and What Happened To My Afghan

Am sharing this photo and my complaint about Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Soft Secret yarn.  My blanket is now ruined and hopefully this does not happen to those of you who crochet or knit. I've pulled every shawl made of this yarn as a customer does not need to spend money on shawls and wraps and have this happen to their item.

***UPDATE: As of today, 3/21/2015 have yet to hear back from Hobby Lobby.

After one week of this beautiful piece sitting on the back of my chair it has become fuzzed out. As we all know, making an afghan takes hours. I went to the Hobby Lobby store and showed them what happened with their yarn and got a response as to there's nothing we to do about it? Honestly, a store credit for the 8 1/2 balls at the sale price would have been suffice. After returning home I contacted the corporate office who took my name, number, the complaint and asked me to send photographs to an email address. All was done they asked for and have yet to hear back from Hobby Lobby.

This is not the only flawed yarn by Hobby Lobby and will have another post shortly about Hobby Lobby's crochet thread.

Here is the photograph of what happened to my blanket and it's much worse now.
Hobby Lobby Yarn Bee Soft Secret Yarn Color Bitter Sweet