Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Mashed Doily - Hobby Lobby Acrylic Crochet Thread Or Called Cotton Thread On Their Website

 So disappointed with the Hobby Lobby Artiste Acrylic Crochet Thread or on their website it says Artiste Cotton Crochet Thread. It's now called the "Mashed Doily". Again, am sharing this hoping it does not happen to you. Am so glad I did not make a shawl with this thread! Spent a lot of time making a vintage crochet pattern called "Wheat" and wanted a color to go with my room. Like all tiny crochet thread work, the piece gets blocked. I used a very low setting on my iron, lower than the acrylic setting and the threads mashed down and some appear fused together. Should of stuck with the old Aunt Lydia's and Coats and Clark. Photos of Hobby Lobby's and Aunt Lydia's crochet thread of the same doily are posted at the end of this blog.

Last night we went to Hobby Lobby and photographed this item because of being curious with conflicts of ONLINE and IN STORE labeling. ONLINE this item states "100% Mercerized Cotton" in the description and states "100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton" on the label. Hobby Lobby's IN STORE thread states 100% Acrylic. Which is which? Is this made of 100% cotton and only offered online and why would they sell 100% acrylic in stores?

UPDATE: August 12, 2015 - There are 2 types to this thread. The Hobby Lobby Store I go to finally has the cotton version on their shelves along with the acrylic version. Am going to try out the cotton this weekend and post another update.

Photograph of IN STORE Hobby Lobby Artiste Acrylic Crochet Thread
Note the Label says 100% Acrylic

Photograph of ONLINE Hobby Lobby Artiste 100% Cotton Crochet ThreadNote the Label says 100% Mercerized Egyptian Cotton

Here are photos of both Hobby Lobby Artiste Acrylic Crochet Thread and Aunt Lydia Crochet Thread with the same doily pattern:

The "Mashed Doily" using Hobby Lobby 
Artiste Acrylic Crochet Thread (photos above)

compared to Aunt Lydia 100% Cotton Crochet Thread (photo below)