Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease

Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease is painful and can lead to many days of being laid up and not physically being able to do much. I was diagnosed with this 4 years ago where it started at C6 and have had to make dramatic changes to my life and work. It is amazing the amount of migraines that come about along with losing the strength in the arms and, in my case, the right hand and arm. On year 3 mine has spread up to C5.

There is much to read on this neck disorder on the Internet and am opening this blog article for comments for others who suffer this disease to post and help each other.

I remember the first time this disease started. It literally felt like the flames of hell traveling from the neck down into my fingers on the right side along with coming across the shoulders into the chest and back. I couldn't even click the mouse to get graphics done or check emails. A scary thought when being self employed. Many of sleepless nights and excruciating pain that went on for 2 months. Being a fan of alternative medicine, I sought out a Chiropractor and that brought relief within about 2 1/2 weeks and by 5 weeks things were very good. Then visits to the Chiropractor were slowly reduced to once a month for maintenance. Well, after moving away from where I lived, it has been hard to find a Chiropractor here that believes in the hard cracking jerk of the neck which to me gave instant relief. Also, investing in a TENS Unit helped a lot and still use it to this day - a wise investment and there's plenty of resources on how to use this tiny piece of equipment and where to place the electrode pads.

Being allergic to pain pills, I decided to use Valerian Root. Please read this carefully before taking this herb. It was affecting my liver. When the weather became so bad last year, all that could be done was sit in the chair or lay on the bed with a heating pad and I consumed so much of that herb during a week and a half and the feeling of being full and not wanting to eat, not being able to go to the bathroom normally, I knew there was something wrong. Thank God a doctor appointment was that Monday and he ordered blood work which showed the liver being off and a few other things. I told the doctor about my self-treatment for pain and asked him to please give me a couple of weeks to retest. Immediately, the Valerian Root was stopped and started a body cleansing of spinach salads, water, lemon juice and water, and pretty much a vegetarian diet. But it worked and all blood levels were back to normal. Live and learn as the saying goes but am so glad for that doctor appointment or who knows what would have happened.

One more thing to add is after experiencing the first time of pain and not being able to do things except sitting and laying down, it gives one a lot of time to think, read, and wonder what's going to happen to them. As soon as I was able to hold the Bible again, it's what was read every day and for some reason Psalms were most of my readings. To this day, irregardless of how my body feels, I thank God for another day and for not feeling like the first time when this disease came upon me.

If there is one thing that bugs me the most is feeling tired so much. According to the doctor it's simply because the pain sucks out your life more than you realize. But it was also good to know all my blood work is good because feeling tired can also be another problem.

For each of us with Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease, our experiences are probably different. Let's help one another with treatments you've done, exercises that work or even if you've had surgery, or a good resourceful Website.....this is to help one another or even for those who don't understand what we experience to come together.