Thursday, April 23, 2015

Go Cosmos Go!

Go Cosmos Go! These flowers are going to help liven up the neighbors weed filled yard. This is year 3 of looking at all those weeds and they're just starting to grow. So, a plan was put in order. Last year I planted Cosmos flowers in the back yard. They reseeded themselves. This spring, low and behold, piles are coming up out back. Now, the original plan was to plant Wooly Thyme under the tree in front but after discovering all the Cosmos, they have been transferred to the front yard too. Both plants are combined under the tree but the flowers are in pots as well. This way when the wind blows the seeds across the street the neighbors yard will get FREE FLOWERS to add to their weeds!

The weed filled yard across the street

Baby Cosmos and Wooly Thyme under the tree

Waiting for Cosmos and Wooly Thyme to grow
and cover the dirt under the tree