Friday, May 29, 2015

Finally Found A Cordless Phone With Headset Jack

Finally, after how many years, found a cordless phone with headset jack. They were even on sale at Costco for $79.99 and come with 4 phones. Now it will be easier to work when the phone rings as all hands will be free again! Not sure how good the phones are but will post a review after trying them out today. Ha, this model will allow you to block up to 250 unwanted callers - yes! And, is also blue tooth compatible and more. I love the way it tells you who is calling - don't have to look at the number if you're busy. Will see and if the Panasonic KX-TG454 is any good. If not, will return them.

So far this item has:

  • Very crisp sound when listening to the caller
  • Easy to set up menu (haven't synced the cell phone yet)
  • Headset works great and caller says they hear me well too
  • Nice keypad - great space between the numbers
  • User friendly
7/12/2016 UPDATE: This phone set is still working great and what I love the most is you the system lets you block unwanted callers. Also purchased a headset and works great with all of the units.