Thursday, February 4, 2016

Good Morning! Working On New Website To Sell Handmade Shawls

Good morning! Have been working on a new website since Amazon Handmade won't accept shawls. Why - I do not know but am not leaving my valued shawl customers behind. Especially those we've worked together to make custom sizes and colors and return for more product.

I am doing this to cover myself just in case Amazon Handmade doesn't get categories for fashion accessories and more by August of this year. Not going to pay $39.99 for a platform that doesn't offer all products to be purchased on top of a selling fee that's higher than Etsy. Yes, the regular profession account is available on Amazon, but custom orders cannot be taken. Truly, am so discouraged and not having a hopeful outlook about the handmade part of Amazon. There are already flaws in the product performance where a handmade seller gets marked down because prospective customers contact the seller about customizing an item. This notches each product down and shows the product as a "bottom performer". I did contact them about this problem and for over a month they have been working on the issue. As far as Etsy, they need to straighten up their mess. I sold on there for years and then all that testing, bringing in non-handmade goods really made this platform a mess. Although their fees are very reasonable, it just might end up being my other alternative.

There are pros and cons to having your own website versus platforms like Amazon Handmade, Etsy, ebay and others. It's a lot of work in it, gave a lot of thought but my clients who depend on me need to be taken care of. And that's what matters most.